•Pochos, Mexicanos, Peruanos, Chilenos y Puñales!

•Outlaw, whiskey drinking, raunchy,foul mouthed San Diego Post Latin punk Alternative band.

•Desmadre sounding band with elements of Ska, Punk, Reggae, Dub, Cumbia they have coined Gypsy Noise.

•Genre bending band who whore themselves for human rights and free speech.

•“Talented” tamale eating innovators that are crossing musical stereotypes by including Spanish and English lyrics to a genre that only
a few have been able to dominate like Los Lobos, Selena and Ozomatli.

•Lock up your tamales cause Marujah
has an upcoming extensive destruction tour in 2019 both in the USA and Mexico with renowned Latin Alternative bands.


Komandante Kalavera
Vocals G

Machine Gun Carlo Drums

[img align="center" caption="The White SmokeBass Guitar" size="orig"]//imagery.zoogletools.com/u/149761/051580ffd4a914a1123f69bbd3533cc8462f9ab3/original/img-20190308-172229-560.jpg/!!/b:W10=.jpg[/img]

Churro Satan 

Hand Attack

Komandante Jhomba


Komandante Hueso Duro